Shot! The 2021 Arundel Castle Tulip Festival

Following a year shuttered by the pandemic, one of England’s most magical gardens finally burst back into life with a kaleidoscope of colourful blooms.

Looking across the Labyrinth at Oberon’s Palace and Arundel Cathedral (iPhone 12)
Tulips outside the Park Temple (OM-D E-M1)
Labyrinth detail (iPhone 12)
Labyrinth details (OM-D E-M1)
Labyrinth detail (OM-D E-M1)
Park Temple (iPhone 12)
Tulips on log bench (iPhone 12)
Arun Fountain (iPhone 12)
Arun Fountain with Arundel Cathedral in the distance (iPhone 12)
Arun Fountain (iPhone 12)
Arundel Castle towers (OM-D E-M1)
Arundel Castle towers (iPhone 12)
Bow Tie beds (OM-D E-M1)
Vibrantly coloured tulips in pots (OM-D E-M1)



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Gary Marlowe

Creator of images that are out of the ordinary, reviewer of live music and live events and interviewer of interesting people